14 Feb 2018

1939 Ford Pickup

A friend of mine bought a new toy! He owns quite a few aircooled cars, but this time it had to be an old pickup truck. He thought about 'just' repainting it to get rid of the 80s colour scheme, but then he decided to add some fake patina. Not too bad I have to say!

4 Feb 2018


If I owned a Single or Double Cab it would look like these. Pictures nicked from a Facebook friend, taken at the last OCTO Show.

30 Jan 2018

Busses by the Bridge 2018

Just discovered these awesome roadtrip pics in the KCW forums. These guys obviously had a blast driving through an amazing scenery heading to Lake Havasu in Arizona!

14 Jan 2018

Virtual Cooler Collection

I am currently renovating our house and also plan to build a new garage. Unfortunately I've 99 problems and the cars ain't one! Due to the delay I decided to organize my cooler collection in my 3D sketchup garage as kind of a frustration relieve...

12 Dec 2017

Combi Magazine N°22

I've been mentioned in current Combi Magazine from France. Thanks for lead and pics, Cyril!

21 Nov 2017


Spotted this 59 Panel in a dealership in Hamburg today!

11 Nov 2017

13 Oct 2017

23w BD DLX with M053

Latest build from Dave Pipoly/DBK. Don't know if the M053 rear hatch is the real deal, but badass either way!

9 Oct 2017


Most of you have seen pics of this bus before I guess, just stumbled over the build threat in the SSVC forums again and am still stunned about the story and the effort that went into this beauty!

Fillmore the Drag Bus

Crazy drag bus from down under. Check this video to see it in action!

26 Sep 2017

The Rascals Cats

During the Bulli Summer Festival in Wolfsburg I met Cyril from France. He asked me if I was interested in a photo shooting for the Camper edition of the French SuperVW magazine, which I certainly was. We had a nice start into the day at the Aller See and wrote a couple of Emails afterwards. Not sure if my bus will really make it into the magazine, but still pleased that I met him! Cheers for the nice words on the blog, mate! I don't speak French but I'm sure you didn't bitch on me..;) Check therascalscats.skynetblogs.be for some great pics and stories!

3 Sep 2017

Cars Klassik

Went to the "Cars Klassik" vintage show at the football stadium of Eintracht Braunschweig today. Of course I had to sport coolers in the colours of the club on the rack..;)